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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Man Who Brought Us Here

Video made by @CoreyVidal 
Enjoy a trip back to the island..................

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Lost Mirror Moments

Lost Mirror Moments is a great blog/podcast started by @TheREALMsWright . You can follow the link to check out her page - very interesting and I always learn something new about Lost when I listen to her podcast. My friends and family are always telling me that I associate everything I see to Lost. I'm not sure that all the things I see/say would qualify as Lost Mirror Moments but I was thinking I would start jotting some down just for the fun of it.

This is from from a FB conversation on 1/08/10 about the Saints losing in the Playoff game :-(
Mark A. Brown THE END!!!!!!
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Susan Terral Hey, that was the name of the Lost finale - hehe - sorry, I couldn't resist! :-)
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Mark A. Brown Lol!!!! Lostie for life, huh??????
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Susan Terral So true :-)
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Then 1/08/10 I was watching The Answer Man there were times the music sounded like Lost. I was trying to find the soundtrack to check on it but didn't find it yet. I'll keep my eyes open :-)

I posted on twitter 1/9/10
susan212Blondie Faradays are fighters #TheCape #LostMM #Lost Love those Faradays in the world
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I will be adding to this periodically and letting the folks at Lost Mirror Moments know what I see and let them decide what they want to use. :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Notes from another Rewatch of Pilot Part 1

When Jack woke up in the bamboo at the beginning of The Pilot Part 1 and the camera shot looking up the bamboo to the sky, I noticed that the bamboo was much closer together. In The End of course they needed a clearer shot to have the plane fly over so Jack could see it but I found the change interesting. Going from closed bamboo (broken people not trusting others) to open area in bamboo (people who learned the importance of living together and trusting others and even for Jack he didn't die alone because Vincent was there for him).

I also was reminded of how important the music of Lost is for setting the mood from the very start. Michael Giacchinno is a genius with music and he has wonderful musicians to work with to make the music a reality that causes us to be drawn into a different world. It is a well needed escape from reality to focus our minds on a group of people that we are invested with and even though we know the end, the music helps us to watch the episodes over and over again.

Noticed 1st English word spoken where it can really be heard was "Walt!" but just before that Jin was speaking in Korean. I would love to know what he said. I love Hurley's response to Jack asking him to help Claire "You've got to be kidding me". Perfect!

Charlie was so calm even when the flying debris landed right behind him. He was probably in shock or still a little high. When that wreckage crashed behind Charlie, it reminded me of the hatch door crashing on the beach.

Also was touched with the flow of the scene because I noticed it was poignant, slower, touching music then went to crazy action, screaming, explosions then back to poignant again then funny when Boone runs up to Jack with the pens that were so not needed.

I had never registered that Jack has a hairy chest - LOL
I found it interesting when Kate asked Jack his color preference for stitches Jack picked standard black over any of the other colors. Could have been telling us he was starting off in a dark place and at the end moved on into the light.

I've always liked the part about letting the fear in but only for 5 seconds...1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Kate said she would have run for the door but Jack said he didn't think that was true because she wasn't running now. Might have been an early sign of how things would turn out since she wasn't running from Jack (although I think there are lots of times in the future that she does run from Jack - LOL)

I noticed interesting layers, like an onion: Jin & Sun seeing the other survivors as others then the survivors plus Jin & Sun see the unknown on the island as others also. Layers and layers of untrust that over time peel back until the core people are left and they trust each other and work together to survive.

I liked Jack's banana plant (or tropical plant) plane. It seemed like foreshadowing of Kate's toy plane.

Understatement-Charlie saying "that was weird" right when the smoke monster starting tearing up the jungle then he said "Terrific".

I was thinking how hard it must be to fight against the force of gravity to reach up and get an oxygen mask and put it on.

Earlier Jack & Kate were talking about Kate wasn't running when he was injured but at the cockpit after the smoke monster attack Jack tells Kate to RUN and this is just one of the times Jack will run. They always seemed to be running in opposite directions even in the very end :-(

And my last note I made was: Charlie is fine BTW

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Loving Lost

My new little shop at Cafe Press. I'm having fun with it :-) Come check it out......

Loving Lost

Loving Lost

Loving Lost