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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hawaii 2017 - I'm going on film tours for The Lost Con

These are some links about locations planned on The Lost Con filming tours. I am not affiliated with The Lost Con, I am just gathering information so I will be prepared for the trip tours and thought I would share in case anyone else is interested. This is from the web so I can't swear to everything 100% but most of it seems feasible.

Lost Filming Locations on The Lost Con website

The most current information is available on the link above. As of today, these are some of the sites mentioned on their website.
General Lost Location Site Information

Lost Virtual Tour is packed with great information if you want to check it out.  A lot of the picture links don't work anymore but still what is working is fun to look at.

Oahu’s Top 3 Scenes Where LOST Is Filmed

In Search of Filming Locations for ABC's Lost


Boone's death scene, plane crash site, Kate & Sawyer's waterfall scene, also in Expose, and in 316 this is where Hurley, Jack, and Kate are after the crash of 316, Whatever the Case May be - where Sawyer dropped the Haliburton case to try and open it. Deus Ex Machina, The Greater Good, Exodus, The 23rd Psalm, The Cost of Living, Because You Left.

LostVirtualTour.com Waimea Valley Falls & parking lot

The beach campsite - the site after they moved up the beach from the crash site.  This is at Papailoa Beach aka Police Beach. There is a walk down the beach to get here.  This beach was onscreen in seasons 1-6 starting at episode Whatever the Case May Be.

LostVirtualTour.com Papailoa Beach (aka Police Beach)

Sawyer's view of the Other's Island, Lighthouse location. Also in Dave - the cliff where Hurley goes with Dave and Libby comes and talks him off the edge of the cliff.

LostVirtualTour.com Seacliff near Makapu'u Point trail


Desmond's boat; where Desmond follows Kelvin, where Miles lands when he parachutes onto the island, where Jack and MIB fight in the series finale (this scene was filmed at Lanai Lookout and at another location called Spitting Cave, where the Tailies walk as they are headed to the other side of the island. where Juliet is sitting on the rocks watching the ocean and Ben comes to talk to her.  Episodes - Abandoned, The Other 48 Days, Live Together, Die Alone; One of Us, The Incident, The End.

LostVirtualTour.com Lana'i Lookout


Where Jin proposal to Sun, Wedding scene, Korean home of Mr. Paik, the bamboo grove where Sawyer and Jack talk about Sawyer meeting Jack's father in Sydney.  Episodes: House of the Rising Sun, Exodus Part 1, The Incident.

LostVirtualTour.com Byodo-In Temple

The Church in the Series Finale

Sacred Hearts Academy - Wikipedia


Kualoa Ranch including the Tempest, Hurley's golf course, where Jughead/tower was, island treks, Hurley driving the van, plus many more scenes through the entire series.

LostVirtualTour.com Kualoa Ranch (Kaaawa Valley)


OTHER places on the schedule not on tours

Cabin 19 Juliette's House present day
Cabin 20 Kate's House in the 70's
Cabin 21 Ben's House present day, Dr. Chang's house in the 70's
Cabin 22 Sawyer and Juliette's House in the 70's
The motor pool was built near the parking lot and was taken down after filming was completed.
The swing set was behind cabins 21 & 22 and was removed when filming was completed.
The cabin that burned down was built by the Lost crew and wasn't one of the YMCA's cabins.
The Assembly Hall is across the street near the beach and it was the check in hall, Ben's class room, game room in the 70's and present day, the infirmary, orientation film for the Arrow and the cafeteria.
The beach is where Ben treats Kate to breakfast in A Tale of Two Cities. 


O'Toole's Irish Pub - Episodes SOS, Flashes Before Your Eyes, The End.
Murphy's Bar and Grill across the street from O'Toole's.  Has full dining seating. In episodes: Homecoming - where Charlie met Lucy Heatherton, Lockdown - where John meets Anthony Cooper.

Sites I would like to see that aren't on the filming tours

The Banyan Tree at Turle Bay Resort 

Where Charlie is strung up by Ethan in All the Best Cowboy Have Daddy Issues and where Walt is trapped by the polar bear and is rescued by Michael and Locke. Kate, Charlie and Jack ran from the Smoke Monster after finding the pilot.  From In Search of Filming Locations for ABC's Lost "If you're not a guest at the Turtle Bay Resort, you may be asked to pay a fee to park. There is a security gate that you must pass to reach the resort. They can't refuse you entrance since all the beaches in Hawaii must have public access. Past the golf course and tennis courts to the left, you can spot the horse stables. After you park you'll want to head in that direction and follow the markers for the west/green trail which will take you through numerous filming locations for Lost."
There is a trail on this interactive map called Lost Loop

Sydney Airport aka Hawaii Convention Center
In Episodes: White Rabbit, Two for the Road, House of the Rising Sun, Exodus Part 1 & 2, SOS, ?, Further Instructions, 


Waikiki Landmark - it is near the Hawaii Convention Center
This is condo towers near Waikiki near Kalakaua Ave where it crosses over the Ala Wai Canal. The building is two towers that are bridged by five floors of penthouses.
Seen in episodes The Man from Tallahassee - Anthony Cooper was living there when he threw John out of the window.  The Incident when Jacob touches Locke after the fall from the window.
The Kalakaua Ave bridge is also in that area and is the bridge used in Jin and Sun's flashbacks ...And Found, The Whole Truth, DOC.

The Other's Primitive camp where Michael saw Walt in Three Minutes

LostVirtualTour.com China Walls Coastline - in same area as above. Caution, dangerous area.  In Exodus part 1 & 2 - going to the Black Rock, Charlie hunting for birds.  Through the Looking Glass Part 1 - treking away from camp to safety.
Near above - LostVirtualTour.com Spitting Cave - caution, very dangerous area. The Substitute where Locke/MIB and Sawyer go the cave with the numbers on the wall & in The End - Jack and Locke/MIB fight scene.

Judd Trail - Head of Judd Trail in episode Cost of Living, I Do, The Man Behind the Curtain - Jacob's Cabin. Judd Trail - Homecoming - survivor's catch Ethan, Maternity Leave, The Cost of Living, The Man behind the Curtain - young Ben meets Richard, Confirmed Dead, Across the Sea, The End.


Santa Rosa - Lostpedia Santa Rosa shows that exterior shots were filmed at Windward Community College at the Hakipu'u Learning Center. Interior shots filmed at the Laniakea YWCA next to Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu.  Episodes The Beginning of the End, There's No Place Like Home, Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, The New Man in Charge.

Some sites I saw in 2014 and would like to see again
Saint Andrews - Oxford filiming location
Liliha Bakery - in episodes What Kate Did, where Kate's mom worked - I love bakeries and they had delicious treats

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The LOST Boys...are hardly lost.

"On August 8, Daniel (@danieldaekim), Terry (@OQuinnTerry) and Jorge (@jorgegarcia) took a break from shooting to reminisce about their years of working together on LOST and what it means to collaborate now on‪#‎H50‬

FUN FACTS: Did you know that the sound stage of Hawaii Five-0 was also the home of LOST? What is particularly poignant about these exclusive pictures is that where they are sitting is the very same space where LOST filmed the final scenes of Jin in the sinking submarine...it's where Daniel's character (Jin) died for love." Daniel Dae Kim

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lost2014 Reunion

I am so excited about the Lost2014 reunion in Hawaii in Sept. 2014.  Also very thankful for the wonderful Losties working on putting it all together.   
Check out the main site Lost2014 for all the info!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This is 40 - Loving Lost

I just started watching the movie This is 40 and it immediately won my heart with the Lost scenes! Had to stop work and share - LOL

This is 40 - LOST from Kirwani on Vimeo.