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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lost Auction Experience Day 1

Location of the Lost Auction and Exhibit - at least the Barker Hangar part
As I came around the back of the building to the entrance, I found this awesome sign!
     I have finally somewhat recovered from my whirlwind trip to Los Angeles for the Lost Auction and Exhibit on August 21-22, 2010. It was an amazing experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I left Louisiana shortly after I got off work on Friday afternoon (the 20th) and landed in Houston with barely a moment to spare to make my flight to Los Angeles. In fact, after the run/escalator/train/shuttle/run some more from Terminal A to Terminal C, I was the last person to board the flight and of course, my seat was way in the back of the plane and in the middle of the row. Picture Hurley boarding flight 815 and you get a good idea of how things were going for me - sweating and bumping into everyone with my luggage! But I felt the Lost connection - LOL!  The flight to LA was fine and I was able to get my rental and get to my hotel in Santa Monica without any problems by about 11:30 pm PST.

I enjoyed this nice little motel near the beach in Santa Monica

                                                                                                                                                              The next morning, I wanted to get a look at the Pacific ocean because I had never been that far West so I woke up really early to have time to do that and give myself time to find the Auction and get in line early.  Glad I did that because I even enjoyed standing in line listening to the people around me talking Lost and I met Alice and Alex after @Lottery_Ticket told them I was in line. Thanks, Lotto for the introductions!

Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica

My kind of tattoo!

The people standing in front of me in line were from Barcelona!  While in line, @BonnieJGreen and her husband arrived and I was able to meet them for the first time in person. She is such a great person and took me under her wing and introduced me to so many other Losties and made me feel right at home. I can't thank her enough for that :-) !  When I entered the gate, the staff stamped my hand and I was able to get two Lost buttons.

Lost buttons given at entrance to the Lost Auction and Exhibit on Day 1

The Hangar was all decked out to look like a tropical paradise.

I like this pic because you can see the LOST on the big screen at the far end of the Hangar

The Photo Ops

For the Exhibit, they had set up a variety of photo ops around the outer edge of the room. When I first came in, I went to my right and found Mr. Clucks but poor thing was in need of some work because someone had gotten too excited and disturbed how they had him secured to the platform.  I guess they thought they might snatch him up and run past all the guys is black suits and black sunglasses who were guarding the door! LOL! So I moved on to the next photo op, which was one of the cast pics blown up with astroturf and "rocks" in the forground where people could go and get in the picture with the cast.  And I just discovered when I went to find my picture to post that the picture must not have taken when the girl had my camera (I thought I check them all afterwards but I guess I missed this one!) because I can't find the one where I posed for this shot anywhere :-(   At least I have a shot of the set that I took during one of the breaks during the auction (very late at night so no one was there anymore except about 15 of us at the auction - LOL).
2nd photo op - people would pose with the cast photo & have their pic taken (I can't find mine!)

Next came Sawyer's beach camp without the real Sawyer :-(  There was a piece of Oceanic 815 with Sawyer's plane seat in front of it and a mannequin as Sawyer.  You couldn't get up close and personal with this set but it was great to look at and take pics of......

The next photo op on that side of the building was a section of Oceanic Flight 815 seats included. People could sit in the seats and the man would take your picture.  He wanted to get pics of people like they were crashing so it was fun to watch all the people doing their different crash poses.

As you can see, I would not make it as an actress - LOL!

After the plane crash, I went to the Swan Station and was able to join the Dharma Initiative by putting on a lab coat and pressing the execute button on the computer........

The area just past the Swan Station was were the actors from the show came and went so it was a good place to get autographs.  It was also where they gathered everyone that was entered in the costume contests.  They had a contest on Day 1 and Day 2.  I liked Day 2 the best :-)

me and Sterling Beauman (Young Ben)
Sterling Beauman
 Daniel Roebuck (Doc Arzt)
 me and Daniel Roebuck (Doc Arzt)
Yikes-it's a polar bear hanging out with LaFleur!
 Day 1 some costume contestants
Noreen O'Toole and costume contestants
 Day 1 Costume contestants (check out Sawyer's Letter)
 Sterling Beauman with Jo
 Noreen O'Toole and Beth Shady
Daniel Roebuck, Beth Shady, Sterling Beauman
 Day 1 Costume Contest Dharma Polar Bear
 Day 1 Costume Contest Rousseau
 Day 1 Costume Contest Sawyer's Letter
 Day 1 Costume Contest Sawyer's Letter
Sterling Beauman, Beth Shady, Daniel Roebuck, Noreen O'Toole
Day 1 all the the entrants in Costume Contest
Finalists in Day 1 Costume Contest
 Lafluer made up with the Polar Bear - no more killings
 Mother with baby Jacob and baby MIB won Day 1 Costume Contest- CONGRATS!
 Alice before the contest

I was thrilled to meet Noreen O'Toole because I follow her on Twitter and she has been so involved in Lost and is playing a big part in the Lost Encyclopedia. She was nice enough to give me her autograph :-)
More to come................