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Saturday, May 15, 2010


A winning week

Last week I won a Lostie's Tshirt from http://www.gritfx.com/
Last night I won a Lost Wristband from http://lostwristbands.wordpress.com/
and when I came back to town after being in Atlanta for a week, I had received in the mail my autographed picture of Jorge Garcia. I had sent in a letter requesting the autograph with a legal sized envelope self addressed and stamped. It is a great pic and he wrote in blue sharpie To Susan Aloha Jorge Garcia. Great start for the Lost season. This week coming up I am going to the Time talks Lost in Lake Charles, LA. I am looking forward to that because I have not had a chance to go to any Lost related events. Even though this is still on the big screen and not in person I am looking forward to it :-)